September 1st 2017

Today I had Cheerios for lunch because I’m an adult, honest. Usually at work on Fridays we have some kind of lunch party. Sometimes a pizza, sometimes Thai curry, one time we had fish and chips. Today I had Cheerios. And not even Cheerios. They’re from Aldi so they’re called ‘Cheery Hoops’ or something else that basically infringes copyright.

You see, as well as the lunch parties, we sometimes do a breakfast party too. Sometimes bacon baps, sometimes breakfast paninis, frequently Double Sausage and Egg McMuffins. Today I went for the panini. On any normal Friday, having the breakfast party wouldn’t affect my decision to have the lunch party too.

Today though, I had Cheerios. I’ve got a new car to pay for now. So, I’ve began to try and be a bit more vigilant with how I spend my money, I predominantly spend my money on food. Now I’ve gotta be all adult and shit and save money so that I can afford to pay my bills. Boo.

So yeah. Cheerios for lunch. I didn’t wanna go out and spend another six quid on lunch after dropping six quid on breakfast. This is growth. This is adulthood.

I’m a big cereal fan. Cereal is the best food because you can acceptably eat it at literally any time of day. First thing in the morning? Cereal. Lunch time? Cereal. Can’t be bothered to cook an evening meal? Cereal. Bedtime snack? Cereal. Back-from-a-night-out-and-absolutely-hammered-at-4am-but-a-bit-peckish-because-the-kebab-van-was-closed? Cereal.

Cereal is one of the great food groups, after meat and above veg, in my opinion.

Until tomorrow, Cheerios are probably one of your five a day.


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