September 7th 2017

Today I felt a bit sad so Alice made me pancakes to cheer me up. I got home from work and just had to lie down for a bit. You know when you just cba? Yeah, that. We ate dinner and sat down to watch a film but I was being quiet, apparently. So Alice suggested that we make pancakes to cheer me up, except we didn’t have any milk or eggs, so we couldn’t make pancakes.

So, we drove to the petrol station that is literally 200 metres from our house to get supplies. Some time between leaving the house and getting to the petrol station we decided that making pancakes was loads of effort so we just bought ready-made pancakes and a packet of Maryland double chocolate chip cookies. Because why the fuck not.


It was goooood. Pancakes, cookies, vanilla yoghurt and honey. Sugar, sugar. Oh, honey, honey. You are my ca– nevermind,

So yeah, it cheered me up a bit. She looked after me, bless her. I love that she can just sense when I’m feeling shitty and immediately fix it (usually with pancakes).

Then, we put the film on, fell asleep on the sofa, and my mood improved.

Until tomorrow, I don’t know why I was sad, but she fixed it.



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