September 8th 2017

Today I started listening to podcasts at 1.5x speed. My podcast library has become overloaded, so I had to take drastic measures to start to even make a dent in the unplayed pods in my subscription feed.

I have about 90 minutes a day to listen to podcasts. 45 minutes in the car on the way to work, and 45 minutes on the way home. The problem is that most of the podcasts I listen to are an hour in length. And because of the frequency with which new ones are uploaded (and some of them are topical and time sensitive, so need to be listened to ASAP) I end up with a collection of 5-10 minute unlistened offcuts at the end of podcasts, and when I get back into the car after work, I wanna start a new one.

It’s a very serious problem, you see.

The solution is A) subscribe to fewer podcasts or B) listen to podcasts faster. And, because I can’t control the rate at which I can listen to podcasts, I can control the rate at which I play podcasts.

So I’ve pressed the 1.5x speed button.

To begin with it was a blur. I had to really concentrate to take in what was being said. But after a while you kinda get used to it. And I don’t think my rate of comprehension was decreased between 1.5x and 1.0x playback, I still remember about as much — bearing in mind the fact that I was driving so wasn’t fully concentrating on the podcast anyway, that is.

There’s so much content out there in our culture right now that it’s hard to get through it all. I still have three unfinished TV shows that I don’t have time to watch, a book that I’m trying to read and a podcast subscription feed that continues to grow.

1.5x speed might solve that last problem, but I don’t think you can 1.5x Netflix. Yet.

Until tomorrow, I just need to teach myself to speed read and all of my problems will be solved.




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