September 9th 2017

Today we went to Reading to visit our friends in their new flat. They’ve just moved in together, so we drove down to have a kind of housewarming/get together type thing. It’s a lovely place, right in Reading city centre. It’s smart and it’s sleek and it’s modern. It’s the exact kind of place that I’d want to live in, except it’s about 110 miles too far east (I want to live in Cardiff city centre).

Now that they’ve moved to Reading, and other friends are in Coventry and London, we’ll see each other even less than we do now, which is a bit sad. I always love being around them all. It energises me. I’m usually pretty socially laid back, but with that group I’m energised and full of life — for once.

We played that ‘Heads Up’ iPhone game, and it was definitely worth the 99p download for comedic value alone. It’s like digital charades where you have to act things out and the guy with the phone has to guess. That doesn’t sound like a particularly wild Saturday night, but it was fun. It was fun to just be with them.

FullSizeRender 155.jpg

Reading is nice. I don’t think I’ve ever properly been there before. We went for dinner on the Thames.

Actually, I’ve just realised…

The river next to my house in the Cotswolds is a tributary of the River Thames. If I put a message in a bottle and chucked it into the river outside my window, it would eventually end up in the Thames outside of their house in Reading. That’s cute. We’re connected. That makes me feel slightly better about the fact that my best friend is now more than an hour away from me. (It’s an hour’s drive, but I could swim there — although that’d probably take longer)

I mean… he’s been living in London for over a year anyway, he’s just moved to Reading now. So if anything he’s closer. But still…

Until tomorrow, put a message in a bottle…



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