September 10th 2017

Today is my Grandma’s 75th birthday. We had a family gathering at my Mum’s house. I showed up late because I thought we were meeting at Grandma’s house. Oops. Although, thinking about it, it would’ve been mighty unfair to make my Grandma host 14 (ish) people on her own birthday. So it kinda makes sense that we were supposed to meet at Mum’s. Oops.

Naturally, Mum made enough food to sustain a small nation. Each slate plate even got it’s own label written in chalk. It’s a cute touch, but I think she only does it to justify the price of the slate plates to my Dad. “Look, you can use them as plates and you can write on them!”


There was a cake too. But we couldn’t fit 75 candles on it so about a dozen sufficed.

FullSizeRender 157.jpg

At the end, Mum made us gather round for a family photo. We don’t get many of those, especially not with as many as… (counting)… fourteen of us there.

For the record, my Dad isn’t 7 foot tall. He’s stood on a chair. Bless him, he’s 5’6″ on a good day.

FullSizeRender 158.jpg

It was a lovely family day (sorry you weren’t there, Genine, we missed you)

Until tomorrow, happy birthday, Grandma.



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