September 11th 2017

Today we had to sort out all the paperwork for Alice’s new job. Alice got a new job, by the way. I haven’t mentioned that yet. She didn’t want me to mention it in case it fell through, but she’s accepted it officially and everything now, so we’re good.

She’s starting at the end of this month. It all happened really quickly, really. Really. She got asked in for an interview, interviewed a few days later, and got offered the job an hour later. It’s mad how quickly it all happens sometimes. She’d been looking and half-heartedly applying for a while, and then it all just happened in a couple of days.

Naturally, she’s nervous. It’s going to be her first traditional office job, but I think that’s what she’s looking forward to.

It’ll be good for her.

In the year (and a bit) I’ve been working (properly), I feel like I’ve learned a lot, and grown a lot. A more traditional setup than her current self-employed (ish) situation will be good.

And she’s using her degree. It’s relevant to her field of interests and she’s progressing her career. It’s amazing. 

Until tomorrow, I’m so proud of her.




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