September 14th 2017

Today I had a (kind of) birthday dinner around my Mum and Dad’s. I go on holiday on Tuesday, and my birthday is (next) Friday, so we had a birthday meal today. Mum asked what I wanted her to cook for me, and there’s only ever really one option:

Kingsdown chicken with sticky rice. Stilton-stuffed chicken breast, wrapped in bacon with rice, tomato and red wine sauce. It’s my favourite meal. And sticky rice is just bliss. I’m very lucky that my girlfriend is a great cook and feeds me nice dinners every day, but y’know… you just can’t beat your mother’s cooking.

I’m fairly sure I finished two plates before anyone else finished one. Yum.

I’m pretty tired. I got home late because we sat down to watch the Arsenal football match but it got delayed because of crowd trouble.

That’s it really. I spent a lovely evening with (some of) my favourite people, eating my favourite food, and I even got to watch a football match. I’ve not got much else to say for today, I’m just typing this bit to increase the word count.

Until tomorrow, yada yada, et cetera, et cetera.



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