September 15th 2017

Today I finished editing the Virgin/V Festival video. It’s actually still less than a month since we went to Essex for V Fest, so 28 days is a pretty good turnaround on a video for me…

It was difficult to edit because it sounds and looks stupid if you just jump cut between shots of different songs repeatedly and mash them all together. As ever, I’m not completely happy with the outcome of the video but if I waited until I was happy, then next year’s V Fest would’ve come and gone.

So yeah, the video from V Fest is either here or here:

(depending on the medium through which you are browsing this post, it’ll either be embedded or linked)

There’s a very obvious and completely fair point about ‘viewing a gig through a camera takes away from the experience of being there’, but for me, without the camera I wouldn’t be able to remember the trip. So although it does take something away, it also gives a lot back.

I’ll admit though, there’s a couple of clips towards the end of that video where the camera work is dogshit because I was just holding it in the air with my eyes closed, whilst Jay Z played Numb (encore) as a tribute to Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. That was special. That moment I didn’t need the camera for, it just happened to be rolling.

On the subject of festivals, my digital magazine this month focuses around the topic of ‘live experiences’, and features three individual and unique festival experiences. As well as festivals, there’s writing on protests, banger racing and sushi. You can read that here or here:

(again, the embed might not work depending on your device)

This has been quite a self-promotorial (not a word) kind of blog post, but that’s okay, I think. I work hard on this stuff.

Until tomorrow, make memories whatever way you can.


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