September 16th 2017

Today started with five hours on the golf course. A proper way to start any Saturday morning. I mean, I played absolutely horrendously — probably the worst I’ve ever played — but five hours of bad golf is a better use of time than basically anything else. Seriously, if it wasn’t £25 a round, I’d play golf every day… and y’know, if I didn’t have to go to work and all that stuff.

One major drawback of golf (there’s a pun in there somewhere if you understand golf) is that five hours is a lot of time to go without proper food, and usually your only snack option is a Kitkat Chunky x3 in the pro shop at half way. You don’t have to get three of them, but it’s recommended. I get really hungry about halfway round and my form just goes to shit. I took a couple of rolls with me today for a mid-round snack, but they didn’t do much.

One time I played golf and there was a guy driving round in a golf cart selling sandwiches. I mean… he worked there, he wasn’t just some random entrepreneur. On a related note, I just had an idea for a new business…

Until tomorrow, does anyone have a golf buggy I can borrow?




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