September 17th 2017

Today I went last minute holiday shopping. For weeks Alice has pressured me into going, but I’ve insisted that “I don’t need anything”. Somehow, I’ve come back from shopping having spent the best part of three figures and I still don’t have a hat to take to Greece with me.

I bought flip flops for the first time. I can’t remember ever wearing flip flops in my entire life, but I have a feeling that I’m going to hate the entire flipping and flopping functionality of flip flops. I tried them on and walked around the shop for a little bit and they, like, don’t stick to your feet. What’s that all about? If you want them to stick to your feet then you’ve gotta like concentrate on curling your toes so that they flip up and then flip down properly.

I don’t want to have to concentrate on operating my clothing. What the fuck? What’s the point in that? My very lowest expectation of clothing is that it kind of works by itself, with very little input on my end. I mean, I don’t have to do ab crunches to get my tshirts to stay covering my body. I can already tell I’m not going to enjoy flip flops. Even sandals look like hard work, but they didn’t have any of them in the shop.

Maybe I did leave it a bit late. I should listen to Alice more. She’s not often wrong about things.

To be fair, the only things I really needed to get today were flip flops, a hat, a vest, and some run/swimming shorts. As in, swim shorts that you can run in, or running shorts that you can swim in. I don’t mind which. I hope to get a fair bit of running done on this holiday, and my idea is that I’ll go for a run, and then jump straight in the sea to cool down. Hence the need for multipurpose shorts.

And the vest is because it’s gonna be 30 degrees, and you’re allowed to wear vests abroad but you most definitely, undoubtedly, are not allowed to wear vests in the UK. Not in September, at least.

So yeah, I need a hat but other than that I think I’m just about ready to go. Well, I haven’t even started packing yet and we leave early Tuesday morning. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Until tomorrow, one more full day then we’re off on holiday.




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