September 19th 2017

Today we flew to Rhodes. We left our house in the west of England at, like, 7am and got to our hotel about an hour ago. It’s midnight now. Here, at least. Time zones are weird. I’m tired. 

We started the day, like, 12 hours ago with a McDonald’s breakfast. 

Then drove for three (ish) hours to Gatwick and got a Wagamamas. 

And then flew for four (ish) hours. Here is an obligatory mid-flight plane wing photo. 

Four ish hours later we arrived in Greece. It was 27 degrees when we landed at 8pm.

An hour or two later we made it to the hotel. Six (slash eight) hours since the Wagamamas, I needed food, and we’d arrived after dinner had stopped serving at the hotel so we couldn’t make the most of the all-inclusive wristbands. 

So, we went out and found souvlaki and cocktails. 

I don’t know whether it was just because I was so hungry, or because I was on holiday, but the food was fucking amazing. We literally just crossed the road and went into the first restaurant we saw. My Souvlaki was amazing. Omg. They don’t fuck about with portion sizes either. 

Until tomorrow, I’m going to like it here. 



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