September 21st 2017

Today I floated around Rhodes on a lilo for a couple hours. A very specific part of Rhodes, that is. Also, I think that’s the first time I’ve ever written the word ‘lilo’ down. My iPhone’s autocorrect didn’t even accept it as a legitimate word so I had a brief moment of doubt and had to look up its spelling. Thankfully, I got it right. That would’ve been worrying.

Anyway… What was I saying?

Yeah, we went down to the pool pretty early because we’re British and had to get the decent sunbeds before everyone else arrived. And, if you go to the pool when everyone else is eating breakfast then you get the pool to yourself and can float aimlessly on a lilo without worrying about bumping into anyone. 

I am, however, not yet confident enough in my lilo captaining to read a book whilst floating, like some of the lilo-ers who came later. 

I got out of the pool when I started to smell barbecued meat. Up on the second tier, a man in a stereotypically oversized chef’s hat was turning meat skewers on a barbecue. 

Gyros, I think they call it. Either way, barbecued meat is about as good as pool snacks come. It was like the Greek-holiday tribute to DNCE’s song Cake by the Ocean…

I think any place that serves pool-side barbecued meat off a silver platter deserves a five star review on Trip Advisor. 

Then, if that wasn’t enough, they brought round these mini-“Nutella” pancakes. 

And I put “Nutella” in air quotes, because Alice assures me that, although they described it as such, it was definitely not real Nutella. I tend to trust her judgement on these things, so maybe that review should be downgraded to 4.5 stars for false advertisement. 

Until tomorrow, then again, it could just be the language barrier. 



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