September 23rd 2017

Today I finally found the fake football jersey I’ve been searching for all trip, but then decided to buy two completely different ones instead. 

I’ve been looking for a very specific football kit: the Arsenal third kit, and I’ve not been able to find it in anything other than a junior size. Today, I finally found it in an adult’s size. But, the fakeness of the fake was so fake that I couldn’t in good faith ever wear a fake that that was that fake, you feel? 

So instead I bought a couple of others. That’s one of the benefits of being this far east and south, in Rhodes: things are pretty cheap. And I didn’t care too much about the fakeness of jerseys that weren’t of the team that I support. It would just feel wrong to be wearing a jersey that completely misprinted the badge, and didn’t have a manufacturer’s logo, y’know? 

For a team I don’t support, it’s fine though. Although it must be said, the replicas that I did get today are decent replicas. The guy in the shop did swear to me that they’re genuine, but, I’m sorry mate, I just don’t believe you. 

This is to go on top of the Chicago Bulls NBA jersey I bought yesterday, and the New York Yankees hat I bought in the airport. Overall, my allegiance to American sports is 1) growing but 2) scattered. 

I do, however, continue to abide by my rule of “only buying city-branded clothing from places I’ve actually been” 

And by that I mean, I’ve been to New York so I’m allowed to wear a New York hat. I’ve been to Germany, so I’m allowed to wear a German national football team jersey, I’ve been to Chicago (I mean I’ve never been outside of the airport but that still counts as Chicago, right?) 

This self-imposed rule is why I can wear a tshirt that says ‘Copenhagen’ or ‘Ibiza’ but can never wear anything with ‘Los Angeles’ on it. 

Apparently I’m now big into American sports. 

Until tomorrow, go soccer, go baseball, go sports! 


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