September 25th 2017

Today was our last full day in Rhodes – we fly back tomorrow. I started the day by going for that run that I’ve been telling myself I’m going to go for since I got here. 

I packed running stuff and shoes, and have set the alarm with good intentions for six o’clock most mornings, but the unlimited free Pina coladas and the 27 degree morning heat has been each morning dissuaded me somewhat. 

Today though, I ran. I wanted to run up to the ancient running track in the Akropolis, so I headed down the beach and climbed a hill until I found it. 

I don’t think you’re really supposed to, but I couldn’t resist doing a couple of laps of the track. 

After my run, which didn’t end up being as far or as fast as I’d’ve liked because of the previously stated causes of dehydration (heat and hangover), I jumped straight in the pool. I’d tried to find the sea on the run back from the the Akropolis but, even though I could see the sea in every direction, I found it surprisingly hard to actually find the sea in this very narrow tip of the island. 

I’ve never had a particularly great sense of direction. 

In the evening, we went out for a last-night meal. Even though our hotel is all inclusive, we wanted to go out for the night. All inclusive has been great, but I don’t feel like I’ve experienced proper Greek food, because at the hotel they cook for an international palette. 

We walked into town and found this cute, quaint, rooftop restaurant called La Casa. 

It’s owned and run by a little old couple, and serves Greek food. Just what we were after. To be honest, I just wanted to go somewhere that served halloumi. I’ve been in Greece for 6 days now and, until tonight, had not had a single bite of halloumi. 

We ordered a set menu, that for €30 gave us: 4x Garlic Bruschetta, 4x Chicken Gyros, 2x Pork Gyros, 2x Steak, 2x Sausage, 2x Lamb Burger, Pitta Bread, Tzatziki, Chips, Salad and 1 Litre of wine. 

Except we don’t like wine so we swapped it for a beer and a sangria. 

The food was amazing and even better for that price. We wanted traditional Greek meat and that’s what we got. And then some. 

La Casa was a great find. 

Until tomorrow, I’m sad to be going home. 



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