September 28th 2017

Today we renewed the lease on our house, and it was Alice’s first day at her new job. A big day. In one week’s time we’ll have been living together for a year, and now she’s got a new job as well. Everything is changing and it’s weird but exciting, except she was so nervous, bless her. But I knew she’d do well, and I think she knew she’d do well, but that doesn’t stop the nerves.

Meanwhile, we had to sign a contract saying that we want to continue renting out house for the next 12 months. There’s an interesting addendum in our new contract which, as far as I can tell, states that in 12-months time the landlord has no obligation to renew our lease. I guess that would’ve also been true this time round, but it’s… significant to have it in writing. And now, rather than being stuck in a 12-month lease, if we choose to, we can leave at any time (provided we’ve given two months notice, so not really any time)

Also, they put our rent up. Which is annoying. We could have protested it, and we could have looked for somewhere else to live, but we didn’t want the hassle. Moving house is a lot of work. However, maybe next year we might end up looking somewhere else. Who knows were we’ll end up?

There is also the fact that we should probably look into buying a house, because it’s usually a sensible investment, and the alternative is to just put a load of money into a hole every month and let someone else scoop it up. However, like I said, we don’t know where we’ll end up so it seems pointless to consider anchoring ourselves to a house somewhere. And it doesn’t sound fun. From what I’ve heard, it’s mega stressful.

Plus there’s the fact that I really, really like going on holiday. And that’s not really possible if you’re buying a house. So nah, fuck that idea.

When I was a bit younger I wanted to have my life settled by 25. Two kids, marriage, a house. But now I’m 24, I’ve gone the other way. What I really wanted was progress. I like my life to be continually progressing. After Uni the next step was getting a job, and the next step was moving in together, and so on. For now, our lives are progressing. Alice started a great new job today. And that’s amazing. That’s so cool. And we’re progressing together.

Until tomorrow, for now that’s enough.



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