September 30th 2017

Today I got my hamster back. She’s been at my sister’s house for a week whilst me and my girlfriend were on holiday. I’ve missed that little thing. She’s so cute. From the texts I got from my sister whilst I was away, it sounds like her boyfriend will be sorry to see Lola go.

FullSizeRender 166.jpg

It’s funny, because to begin with he said it was weird that a couple of 23 year olds bought a hamster for themselves. Not so weird now, is it Steve? Huh?

Alice has said how I’ve never really known what it’s like to feel a connection to a pet, and that’s true. Other than my sister’s rabbit (which lived and died outside), and a couple of rats, we never had pets growing up because my Mum is ‘allergic to fur’ — you can read the airquotes and italics however you like — whereas Alice has always had cats. She’s always said how they feel like an extra family member. Because I’ve never had pets, I’ve never really understood that. Like, she sometimes cries because she misses her cat, Muffin, that went missing when she was eleven.

That’s… odd to me. I mean, I like my hamster. She’s cute. But from the beginning I’ve been acutely aware of her limited lifespan. That sounds harsh, but it’s just realistic.

We got a hamster because our landlord won’t let us have pets. Well… they won’t let us have cats or dogs. A hamster isn’t really a pet, in the same sense as a cat or a dog, is it?

In any case, it’s nice to have her back. She’s still really cute, and although you can’t really cuddle her like you could a cat or a dog, you can pick her up and stroke her and stuff. Sometimes it’s fun to just watch her run around doing cute shit like eating peanuts or doing chin-ups from the bars at the top of her cage.

Until tomorrow, welcome home, Lola!


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