October 2nd 2017

Today was race #1 of our Winter 5km race series. On the first Monday of every month, we run in a 5km race with people from local businesses. Today was the first race of the third series, and also the first time I’ve successfully ran through a stitch. Usually when I get a stitch I take it as a sign from God to stop running and, more specifically, to sit down. So I sit down for a bit. That’s what stopped me doing better in last month’s race. I kinda sorta just sat down for a little bit because I got a stitch.

Today though, I ran through it. To slightly misquote an Irish boyband; “When the going gets tough, just carry on running even though it feels like you’re going to throw up and collapse”

So when the stitch hit at about 3km, I carried on running, even though it felt like I was going to throw up and collapse. There may be reasons why that wasn’t a good idea, but I was kinda proud of myself that I didn’t give up early — as I’ve previously proven to be completely capable of.

It was a hard run, but at the end I was left with that sense of satisfaction that makes running worthwhile. You always dread it, but then you’re glad that you did it.

I mean, I didn’t place particularly highly in the race, nor did I get near my previous PB (I was 28 seconds off) but kept going even though it felt like I was going to throw up and collapse. So that’s good.

Until tomorrow, hopefully race two in the series will be better still.



One thought on “Stitch

  1. I always think that’s the most rewarding part of running, pushing past those tough points. Then you start to put more of those wins together and really start to build your endurance and mental toughness. Pretty cool. Way to push through that one!


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