October 3rd 2017

Today I got a work laptop and my shins stopped working. Between today’s track session and yesterday’s 5km race I’ve done two pretty intense runs this week — and I played football tonight. It physically hurt to kick the football. And it hurt even more to be kicked in the shins, as I inevitably was — accidentally — a couple of times.

I think I’m going to have a rest day tomorrow.

I’m definitely going to have a rest day tomorrow.

I find myself grateful of the fact that we’ve recently moved down to the first floor of the office from the third, because I’m currently having quite a large issue with stairs.

The only way that I can describe it is that I’m suddenly very aware of the fact that I have shins. Usually you don’t actively notice that you have shins, they’re kinda just there. For some reason. Now, I am very aware of the fact that I have shins because I can feel them there literally all the time.

And yeah, I got a work laptop. It’s awesome. Previously I’ve been the only laptopless person in meetings, and the only person using a pen and paper to make notes. It’s 2017 and I work for a technology company — who still uses a pen, am I right?!

So I now feel super important and super happy with myself because I got a cute little laptop bag that I get to carry over my shoulder and feel like a proper, official man of the business world. And on Thursday I get to take my little laptop bag to a work conference in London. London, I tell you. That’s cool. Very official.

My shins ache at the thought of having to walk around a conference for eight hours, mind. Plus, there might be underground strikes this week, so that’ll make it even more fun.

Until tomorrow, does anyone have a couple of new shins that I can borrow?



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