October 4th 2017

Today Alice made a nice shortcrust pastry pie but there’s not much else worth mentioning. I’m still absolutely knackered all of the time, even though I’m sleeping perfectly well, and my legs continue to be in metaphorical (but also quite possibly literal) bits after two days of high(er than normal) intensity running.

I can’t remember what it was like before, but when I run my hand over my right shin bone it now feels like it’s two separate bones stuck next to each other. I am perhaps being slightly dramatic for the sake of word count but it does fucking hurt.

I guess on a somewhat related note I today found out that human bones are living tissue. If I’d really sat and thought about it then it would’ve probably made complete sense, because as you get older your skeleton has to grow alongside your organs and your muscles. I guess I’d never really thought about it, and it’s probably best not to give it too much thought because the human body and how it all works is fucking weird and miraculous when you think about it too much.

So yeah, the pie was nice.

Apparently it’s called an open pie because it just had a lid and it didn’t have a bottom. I don’t know if ‘lid’ and ‘bottom’ are technical baker’s terms to describe the components of a pie, but I’m going with it. Is it still a pie if it’s not enclosed? Or is it just, like, upside down toast? Is pastry the same thing as toast? I don’t know. Probably not. I’m very tired.

Until tomorrow, the crust/toast/pie was good though.



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