October 6th 2017

Today I cleaned up my desk and set up my new monitors. We’ve got a new starter in the office on Monday so we had to give the place a bit of a tidy up. I configured my setup so that all of the wires were hidden under the desk or behind the monitors. Apparently, a clean workspace leads to a clean and productive mind — or so I read somewhere anyway.

Whomsoever designed the ‘wire hole’ feature of desks was a genius.

(I probably used that word wrong, but I very infrequently get even half a chance to try, so I went for it)


So simple. So elegant.

I’m somewhat serious.

I now kind of want to get a monitor for my office at home, so that I can just plug my Macbook into and use the big screen. Of course, that’s a completely superfluous purchase considering it comes, by design, with one perfectly operational screen, but it’d look pretty cool.

Going from two big Windows screens at work to one Apple screen at home has left me frustrated with the latter, because it’s not big enough to spread all of my stuff around the screen. I like to work with fifteen different tabs and six different programs open all at once, and that’s a pain on one screen.

So, naturally, I’m shopping for monitors. Are wireless monitors a thing? They sound like they’d be a thing. Actually, they sound like they’d be an expensive thing, so maybe I shouldn’t look into those too much.

Until tomorrow, it would mean fewer wires though…




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