October 8th 2017

Today marks one year and one day since Alice and I moved in together. By sheer coincidence, yesterday marked One Year since Alice and I moved in together (I just happened to forget about the landmark yesterday, so I’m writing about it today).

In celebration of making it one whole year, we went out to buy a mirror to replace the one that fell off of the wall and smashed into one (figurative) million pieces a couple months ago. Remember?

In a remarkable turn of events, we ended up buying the mirror that I chose. I pointed one out, said “what about that one?” and we only ended up bloody buying that one. I’ll admit, that I didn’t point it out because I thought it was an overly special mirror, it was just half the price of the one that Alice was looking out.


I tried very hard to put the mirror up on the wall but in the end decided it was probably smarter and safer to give up and let my Dad do it for me sometime.

After the last one fell off and smashed, I’m no longer confident in my ability to hang mirrors. Although, thinking about it, I’m fairly sure it was my sister who hung the last mirror — on the day we moved in. So really if you think about it this is all her fault.

To be fair to myself, I did hang the new mirror successfully, I was just… nervous about it. I mean, I think I did everything right. I measured the two hooks to be 76cm apart, so I marked two crosses on the wall 76cm apart. I hammered the hook in with enough stability that we did manage to successfully hang the mirror on the wall. But, again… I was nervous.

IMG_1527.JPGLooking at it… it… doesn’t look like a perfect job.

Until tomorrow, it’s probably smart to wait for my Dad to help…



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