October 11th 2017

Today I released the eighth edition of my digital magazine. This month’s issue is all about Students and University.

September is the month that everyone starts going back to University, but more importantly, it’s the month when everyone starts going to University. I remember my first day at Uni being a terrifying experience, and so with that in mind, this month’s issue of Feed Magazine aims to give some (hopefully) valuable insight and advice to both Freshers and Re-Freshers.

There’s amateur career advice (page 12), must-know recipes for spicing up classic student dishes (page 14), and a guide to television binge-watching (page 22) if the lectures get all too much. Elsewhere, a story of a student football team’s European dreams (page 20) and advice for dealing with freedom (page 18).

Also this month, I was invited to an event put on by Warwick University’s Tango Society, where I had the chance to interview the society president about all things tango (page 6), and to get any advice for Uni students looking to try something new.

I’m proud of this one. It involved me going along to a tango event (a milonga) with a bunch of people I don’t know. I had to interview people, and Alice took a load of great photos, and I think the magazine turned out really well.

It hopefully gives some helpful advice to students, returning or new.

To read this month’s issue, go to the Feed Magazine website, or our Issuu page.

Current-issue (1).jpg

Until tomorrow, try something new.


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