October 13th 2017

Today I spent the evening in a jacuzzi in a forest. In the forest, actually. The Forest of Dean. I don’t know who Dean is or why he had a whole forest named after him but he must have been big time because this place is fucking massive. 

We’re in a log cabin for the weekend, my Mum and Dad, me and Alice, my sisters and their respective boyfriends. Mum and Dad wanted to take us all away from the weekend so we’re in this beautiful log cabin in the middle of Dean’s Forest.

We haven’t explored much of the forest – mainly just the two or so metres that borders our hot tub. I plan to go for a run around the Forest tomorrow morning, but I’ve had a load of cider so that might be easier to say now than to do tomorrow morning. 

I currently have great intentions, but I know that my convictions tomorrow will not be as great as my intentions right now. 

I might just get back in the hot tub, and get another cider. 

Until tomorrow, or I could just go to sleep. 


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