October 14th 2017

Today we went ape at GoApe. We’re in the Forest of Dean for the weekend, and mum booked the boys (and Kirstyn) in for an afternoon at GoApe, whilst the girls (and Louis) went horse riding. 

It was great fun, but it started off badly. We got there and I realised that I’d left my GoPro at the cabin. I was really mad. There was no mobile phone signal in the middle of the forest, so I had to borrow the GoApe landline’s phone to call my sister at the cabin and get her to get her boyfriend to drive out to GoApe with my GoPro. 

That’s a lot of hassle for a camera, but I did get some cool footage. 

Climbing and swinging amongst the trees was never really scary, because I felt safe at all times. You’re double (sometimes treble) strapped in, so you’d do well to fall off. Even the long, high zip wires feel super safe. 

Actually, saying that I did almost lose all of the fingers on my left hand on a zip wire. I was flying down it and had spun around to face the other way, but I wanted to re-right myself so I could style out the landing. So to do that, I grabbed the zip line above me and went to twist myself round. Except, grabbing the zip line is w really bad idea because shortly afterwards the buckle that you’re attached to came zipping over my fingers. Luckily, i managed to get my hand out of the way before  it claimed my fingers. 

It is great fun though, but quite tiring. Some of the obstacles are quite tiring to climb over or through. It’s pretty hard work. We were there for like three hours, and by the end we were just about ready to go home, get in the hot tub and watch the football. 

Until tomorrow, but, the less said about that the better. 



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