October 15th 2017

Today we walked to Symond’s Yat. To be honest, like many things around this area, I’m not entirely sure what a ‘Yat’ is, or who ‘Symond’ is. The Forest of Dean confuses me. Everything is so… Forest-y, and there’s no phone signal in the entire region. 

We walked for an hour and a half to this wonderful and beautiful valley, and we wanted to sit down with a coffee, except, between the eight of us we didn’t have a single Sterling Bank Note on us, and the cafe didn’t accept bank cards. 

Fortunately, some helpful local man heard our ‘what do you mean you don’t accept cards?’ plight with the cafe assistant and offered to lend us some cash. 

You can just post it to me if you like,” he said. 

Come on mate, we’re products of the Millenium, so we got our smartphones out and took down his details so we could bank transfer him the money the next time we connected to wifi. 

In any case, he was a nice man, and it was generous of him. These forest folk are awfully kind. 

We drank our coffees and walked up to the viewpoint. 

It is quite an impressive view, and probably worth walking an hour there and an hour back through the undergrowth for. 

We got back to the forest cabin, and jumped in the jacuzzi until it was time for me to fire up the barbecue. 

I think tonight’s eight is the most I’ve barbecued for, so the trick was to master the timings so that all the food was done at around the same time. 

In the end, because of the vast amount of food that we had to cook, it made more sense to do it as two courses – with burgers and chicken for starter and steak and chicken for main. 

That sounds like my kind of menu. 

I took orders on the steak and hopefully delivered it cooked to each individual’s preference. I was really neurotic about it and asked everyone, one by one, if their food was okay, and they all seemed to be pleased so I was reassured. 

And, after another couple of hours in the jacuzzi, the family forest weekend was over. We check out of the cabin early tomorrow morning and I’m heading straight to work. 

Until tomorrow, I could do with another week. 



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