October 16th 2017

Today we got back from a weekend in the forest. I hadn’t had much chance to share any proper photos whilst we were away, so allow me to chuck some photos in here along with some witty captions because a picture is worth a thousand words but sometimes you need a few more for comedic effect.

unnamed (5).jpg

unnamed (1).jpgI won’t lie, both of these photos of me walking away or looking contemplatively into the distance are completely staged.

So is this one of me being ‘caught off guard’. I was told to pose, and I don’t like looking into cameras.

unnamed (4).jpg

The fact that the strings of my hoody are different lengths is really fucking with me right now. My hair looks good though.

This was also faked:

unnamed (3).jpg

I was told to make him laugh, but I’m not a funny person so I couldn’t think of any jokes. So we just pretended to laugh.

There are some sincere and real photos of an honestly brilliant weekend, though, and here they are:

unnamed (2).jpgunnamed (7).jpg

Alice claims that I always look grumpy when we have our photo taken together, and to be honest with you… I have to agree with her. I promise I was actually really enjoying being there with her, and everyone else, I just forgot to tell my face that.


That one is slightly out of focus but at least I look a little bit happier.

unnamed (6).jpg

It was a great family weekend, even though it furthered my suspicions that I’m actually adopted — I mean, come on… I’m at least six inches taller than every single one of them.


The Sunday night BBQ was one of my highlights, because although I’m the youngest, I was left in charge, and trusted with it. And I fucking smashed it as well.


Until tomorrow, what a perfect weekend.



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