October 17th 2017

Today my training intervals were actually somewhat symmetrical. That almost never happens. Usually if I’m doing sprint training I’ll just do the first one as fast as I possibly can and then realise during the second one that I shouldn’t’ve run the first one so fast. But today, I managed to pace the three 1km sprints(ish) quite nicely. Look:

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 22.35.45.png

It’s of course completely possible that that graph means absolutely nothing to you, but I hope you can see that the three spikes are almost symmetrical with each other. The first one was actually, naturally, slightly faster than the other two, but not so fast that I was incapable of putting in a solid effort on 2 and 3. The first was a 3:40 kilometre, the second and third were 3:55 and 3:57. Pretty good.

The only kind of running I’m enjoying at the moment is high intensity speed work. Gentle jogs and long runs are boring me, so I’m only really doing track sessions, intervals and 5km races. My running coach says that 40% of your activities should be high intensity sessions, but at the moment I’m doing maybe like 100% high intensity sessions. At least I’m enjoying it.

My legs hurt, mind. I’m still having that problem where I’m overly aware that I have shins, and I’m conscious of the fact that my shin bones feel closer to the skin than they used to do. I don’t think that makes any sense, but it does describe the feeling. You know?

My main goal at the moment is just to get faster, and to see progress. I haven’t signed up to any half marathons or events, so I’ve got nothing to aim for other than arbitrary numbers floating around in my head.

Until tomorrow, let’s test it out at Parkrun on Saturday.



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