October 21st 2017

Today I decided that I’m currently passionate about buying locally. I had the house to myself all day so, as I always do when I’m alone in the house, I wanted to cook lamb. Alice doesn’t like lamb, so I always take my opportunity to to cook and eat it when she’s out.

So, I wandered into town this morning to buy a rack of lamb. My house is about a five minute walk from a local butcher’s shop, and whenever I’m treating myself to a nice bit of meat for dinner I like to buy it from Jesse’s butcher’s shop. I don’t know why I’ve suddenly decided that it’s important to me to buy local, and support local businesses, because the thing is, there’s a reason why people don’t buy local as much as they should: because supporting local businesses is expensive. The butcher’s shop is expensive.

One rack of lamb, three mixed game sausages and a box of free-range eggs cost me almost £13. I’d get change from a tenner for all of that in Tesco, and I’d probably have enough to buy beer. But nevertheless, there’s something I like about buying locally. I think part of it is that there’s no plastic packaging. Something about the plastic packaging you get in Tesco makes me feel like the food is less fresh, if anything. Like there’s more stuff in it that I don’t know about.

At Jesse’s butcher’s, they just chop it off the animal, and chuck it in paper wrapping in front of your eyes. I guess that’s what you pay extra for.

And the fact that it tastes better.

I also bought a book from the locally-owned bookstore for £15, even though the WHSmiths next door was selling it for £7.50. I don’t know whether I’m happy with that decision or angry.

FullSizeRender 173.jpg

Traditionally, when a book is sold in a local book store, the writer of the book gets better royalties than if the book was sold in a high street store. As a writer myself, I feel like I should support both the writer and the local business by paying double price for a book. Again, I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. It means I’m not lining the pockets of a corporate conglomerate, but it means I have less money for beer.

(I don’t know why I keep referring back to beer. I don’t even like beer. I’m just kinda annoyed that I had the entire house to myself all day and I forgot to buy cider when I went out this morning)

I mean, I’m not crazy obsessed with this idea. I’m not going to start buying tomatoes from the food market by the church every Saturday morning.

Until tomorrow, but sometimes it’s just nice to buy local where you can.



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