October 22nd 2017

Today my Mum and Dad came round to put up a mirror for me. It’s not that I was incapable of doing it, it’s more that I was worried that I wouldn’t do a good enough job. That’s usually more my concern. I’d tried doing a bit of a budget hack job by hammering a nail into the plaster, but I wasn’t convinced of its structural rigidity, so my Dad bought his electric drill round and put a couple of screws into the brick above my fireplace.

A much more thorough method.


Naturally, I sat and watched as Mum measured distances and Dad drilled holes. Between them, they got it up, and its far stirdier than when I tried.


It’s not like I just invited them around to hang my mirror for me. I just used that as a cover under false pretences to give them the present that we got them.

To say thanks to them for taking all us kids + partners away for a weekend in a log cabin, we got them a family photo printed on a canvas. So I needed them to come round so I could give them the present.


Until tomorrow, the mirror was just kind of secondary to that, honest.



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