October 24th 2017

Today I sent three emails to printing companies about my magazine. Remember in yesterday’s blog where I was said:

I’m scared of writing the email to my new printing contact. I’ll do it though. I will.

Well, I stuck to my word, and I did it.

I mean, it took me most of the day to build up the courage to open the ‘compose email’ window, and then it took me a little while to actually compose the email itself, and then I just had to press send before I started to second-guess myself anymore. Sending the first email to the first company was hard, but sending the next one was easy. I just had to copy and paste the first one and remember to change the name.

What made it slightly easier for me was realising that ‘wait a minute, I’m the one that’s going to be giving them money here.’ I don’t get nervous when I walk into AllSaints to buy a tshirt, and that’s basically the same thing. I’m just paying someone to provide a service. That’s not scary, that’s business.

(referring to this situation as ‘business’ just gave me a wave of anxiety so I’m going to stop doing that)

By tomorrow I’m going to have three quotes for printing costs for my magazine. That’s promising. And terrifying. And encouraging. And so on. I could feasibly get this done quite quickly. One of the companies will apparently send me out some samples and talk me through different paper sizes and paper gloss qualities and all that kind of stuff that I don’t really understand.

I think that’s another reason for my hesitance to send the email… because I don’t really know what I’m talking about with this. And the thing is, by talking to me, that fact will become quite apparent to the printer quite rapidly. It’s like how I don’t trust mechanics, not because they’re more knowledgable than me in that area, but because they know they’re more knowledgable than me in that area. And they can say — and charge — whatever they like and I’ll go “sure thanks here’s my debit card”.

That’s what I was worried that the printing companies would be like. But they’ve both come highly recommended to me, so I’m sure that they’ll be transparent with me.

Until tomorrow, I guess we’ll find out in the morning.



Current-issue (1)

You can read my online magazine on the Feed Magazine website. This month’s issue is all about student life.


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