October 25th 2017

Today I got the first couple of quotes from the printing companies I emailed about my magazine. For the first run I’m looking for somewhere between 100 and 200 copies that are going to be put into Universities around Gloucestershire. I’d had a brief scout around the internet and found that I could get my magazine printed for between £1-1.50 per copy, if I wanted to order 100 copies.

So, I was surprised when the local printer came back at £3.00 per copy. The anxiety within me is saying “Well, he’s gone to the effort of quoting you, and he’s gonna drop round some samples, so you’ve gotta go with him”, but the realist in me is thinking “drop him and ask the next one”. So I dropped him and asked the next one. I’ve got two more quotes coming in tomorrow morning, I hope, so I should soon have a pretty good idea of how much it’s going to cost me to get how many printed.

After that, I get the exciting job of making an Excel spreadsheet. I realise that that sounded sarcastic, but that’s only because sarcasm is my default tone. I actually love making Excel spreadsheets. Excel spreadsheets are my jam. After I have printing costs, I have to organise advertising to cover those printing costs — but I’m not letting myself get too anxious about that stage because I have the fun Excel spreadsheet stage between then and now.

Other than that, I sent a couple of emails to other magazine editors that I know-slash-am aware of, in search of advice. One of them has got back to me already with some helpful information.

Two days ago I was terrified of sending these emails, and now I am suddenly completely fine with it. It was just that first email that’s the hard one. Because then you’re committed.

Until tomorrow, I guess I’m committed.



Current-issue (1)

You can read my online magazine on the Feed Magazine website. This month’s issue is all about student life.



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