October 26th 2017

Today I accidentally defrosted the entire freezer again. To me, the important word there is ‘accidentally’ but I can see why Alice took the important word to be ‘again’. At like 3am the night before last, she woke me up because she could hear a beeping noise from downstairs. I went down to investigate, and found the freezer door slightly ajar. With the door open, the beeping was to let us know that the freezer had started to rise in temperature.

I closed the door and went back to bed. It was 3am for Christ’s sake. The next night — last night — the freezer didn’t beep.

But, when I got to work this morning I had a text from Alice.


For fuck’s sake.

I don’t think she was quite buying my ‘I think the door must be broken’ excuse, although I myself am fairly convinced of it (based mainly on the fact that it completely exonerates me from guilt). 

I’m fairly sure that I checked the freezer when I turned the kitchen light off before bed last night, because I didn’t want to have to go down at 3am to close it again. And because I didn’t want the food to get ruined, of course.

Well, the food got ruined didn’t it?

It was frosted, and then got defrosted, then frosted over again, then it defrosted, and now it’s probably frosted again. We need to just throw it out, really, because all the food is ruined.

Until tomorrow, does anyone want a thrice defrosted bag of mixed vegetables?



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