October 28th 2017

Today we carved hallowe’en pumpkins. In my entire life (or at least that which I can remember) I don’t think I’ve ever carved a pumpkin, so I didn’t expect to be particularly good at it (Spoiler alert: I wasn’t). We had friends coming round in the evening so we thought it would be a cute way to spend an evening, plus we didn’t get any neighbourhood trick-or-treaters last year because we didn’t have the inclination to decorate, and apparently in this modern age no pumpkin means “please don’t knock“.

So, we stocked up on pumpkins from Tesco, bought a carving kit, and set to work.


It turns out it takes fucking ages to carve a pumpkin. You’ve gotta cut the top off, scoop out the insides and then cut the eye holes and shit. It’s the scooping that takes forever, and it’s like a really gross task.

IMG_1761.JPG I tried my best to avoid my fingers coming into contact with any pumpkin juice, and just used a range of tools to disembowel the pumpkin to a point probably slightly below optimum-emptiness. Apparently if you don’t take out all of the stringy insides the pumpkin can “catch fire” and “burn your house down“, but honestly, who’s got the time to be that thorough?

I drew on in permanent marker the face that I wanted my pumpkin to have, but almost immediately carved outside the lines, so just went against my design completely and created a Harry Potter pumpkin instead.


You see? Good init? No? Oh… Alice’s was much better.


They looked cool lit up.

This is mine: “Yer a pumpkin, Harry”


These are Alice and Laura-Jayne’s: Slightly better.


This is Aaron’s: (the candle inside his pumpkin went out in under a minute so I didn’t end get a photo of his, but I didn’t want him to feel left out)


For a first time effort, I don’t think we did too badly. Although, my Mum is probably going to read this tomorrow morning and text me saying “We used to carve pumpkins every year when you were kids – we shouldn’t have bothered!” 

Until tomorrow, sorry in advance, Mum.



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