October 27th 2017

Today was the return of Rock&Roll Bingo™. Rock&Roll Bingo™ is an event that occurs on the last Friday of every month at the pub that is a 7 minute walk away from my sister’s home. 

We haven’t been in a few months, but it’s usually an opportunity for all the (cool) cousins to get together and drink Cloudy Cider and Pink Champagne whilst played by a form of bingo that, from my experience is completely unwinnable. The table next to us won £195 tonight and we didn’t win a single penny. Instead, we spent a load of pennies. But it’s all fun and games. 

It was hard tonight though. There were more songs tonight rhat I didn’t have a clue of than usual. 

It was hard. Rock&Roll bingo has this weird habit of making you feel like youre about to win at all times.but we didn’t. 

The last round was a hallowe’en round, where we made it more interesting by adding shot glasses to the cards. It was a simple addition, if you ‘landed’ on the shot glasses then you had to do the shot, and fill the glass and put it back down on your board. And repeat. 

We even doubled up on the last round and bought two cards each for the last round, but that didn’t double our chances of winning. 

Until tomorrow, well, maybe it did, but double zero is still zero. 



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