October 29th 2017

Today I played a round of Autumnal golf. Autumnal golf is very similar to normal golf, except it’s played in the Autumn so it’s fucking freezing outside, and the clocks went back this morning so it was dark by the time we’d finished.

Although, the sun was out even though the temperature was subzero (or at least it felt like that). And it was a low sun, so everything looked very pretty with the Autumn leaves and the brisk wind and the light coming in through the trees. Was fucking knobbling out there though. (That’s a welsh word for ‘cold’)


The problem is that I find it really difficult to play golf if my elbows are covered, so I can’t wear a coat or a long sleeved jumper. That sounds like a really weird sartorial requirement, but it’s more to do with the increased range of motion that you get from not having your elbows restricted by a coat. That really does sound mental but it’s a real thing I promise.

Although, that being said, I had my elbows free today and I still played like shite.


Until tomorrow, at least it looked pretty out there.



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