October 31st 2017

Today I received a sample copy of my magazine in print. We’ve been in talks with various printers for a couple weeks about getting my online magazine printed into… print? And one printer made a sample so that we could see what it looked like on the paper that they’d use etc. It looks amazing!


It’s so weird to be able to hold it in my hand. I’m not really sure what I should feel, and I’m not really sure what I do feel, but it’s just… so weird.

It still doesn’t really feel like this magazine is going anywhere, yet here we are, getting printed copies put into Universities and acquiring advertising to cover the print costs. It’s… weird.

I’m flicking through the pages, and everything looks so colourful in print. I know technically looking at it on a screen should give you more colours, but they’re fake colours, the colours on the page are real colours, you know? The images look bigger and better and my photos of the photos don’t really do them justice.


I just keep holding it. It’s like what I imagine holding your baby and thinking “I made that” would be like, except this magazine is prettier. One reason I started the magazine was to just challenge myself to create something that I’m proud of every month, and now I feel like I’ve really created something, with the help of these guys (and others):


I remember seeing my name in print for the first time when I interned at a magazine during my second year at University. It felt so cool, and I hope that my writers think it’s as cool as I do.

Until tomorrow, this is so cool and also weird.


Current-issue (1)

You can read my online magazine on the Feed Magazine website. This month’s issue is all about student life.

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