November 2nd 2017

Today was day two of NaNoWriMo 2017. Encouragingly, I spent a lot of my day looking forward to getting home to continue writing the new novel that I started yesterday. Unfortunately, I didn’t get home until gone 8pm, and didn’t start writing until almost 9pm, so it’s been a later one than usual. I say ‘unfortunately’, but I actually had a nice evening and a lovely dinner with my family around my Mum’s house. Homemade beef and ale pie with a suet pastry crust. Omg.

The writing went well, considering I started late. To reach the 50,000 word target in the month of November, you have to write 1667 words per day. Yesterday I overshot it by a hundred words, so today I could afford to do a little bit less. I’ve finished today on just over 3,000 words, which is pretty respectable.

One reason I’m not finding it too difficult at the moment is because the story I’m writing is nonlinear. There are a few different timelines of the same plot all going on at once, and when put together properly the story will intercut between them. Although it sounds more challenging, it’s actually been a helpful and invigorating writing method. When I get bored of one timeline, I just jump to the next one and write that one for a bit. This means that if I have any particularly good ideas for ‘later on’ in the book, I can just write that bit of the timeline straight away while I’m feeling inspired, and come back to the bit that I was on later.

It also helps because one of the timelines is a bit depressing, so it’s useful not to be stuck in that part of the story for too long at a time, and to go and write some of the more fun parts of the story for a bit.

I’ve never written like this before, but I’m enjoying it. I’m also writing a novel in third person for the first time ever. Which is interesting.

I’m only two days and 3,000 words in, but I’m happy with my progress so far. I’m technically about 10% below the word count that I should be at, but 3,000 is a much nicer round number than 3334.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 23.22.56.png

Until tomorrow, also, this blog post is currently 354 words long, so I’m basically there anyway.



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