November 5th 2017

Today I managed to write 1,000 words even though I feel like shite. I also managed to (help) clean the house even though I feel like shite. And, we went out for lunch even though I feel like shite. And I cooked a nice roast dinner even though I feel like shite.

Usually when I have a cold I let it consume me, and I forget what happiness feels like, and the only state of being I can ever remember being in is one full of cold and sadness. This time, though, I’m trying to fight the cold and not letting it keep me holed up in bed all day — as much as I’d like to.

So I went about my weekend as normal. I probably made it worse by spending 4 hours on a golf course, but I’m perfectly okay with that.

I got 2/3rds of my words done for the day, 1000 words is literally infinitely more than zero words (by multiplication, not addition), which is what I felt like writing today. The point of NaNoWriMo is to continue writing even if you feel that what you’re writing is dogshit, so that’s what I did.

Today was a day more about quantity than quality, but that’s okay. I keep delaying writing the real turning point of the book because I don’t have the energy for it so at the moment there’s just loads of backstory. Intuitively, it doesn’t make much sense to ‘not have the energy’ for it, because it’s still the same amount of typing. I guess it’s just… more thoughtful typing? I dunno. My brain is mush.

To complement the backstory I’ve started handwriting notes on the wall behind my desk. It’s cool, because the desk has whiteboards built into it, so I’ve started writing some notes on there to help with planning and remembering and stuff.

The thing is, though, I’ve been writing on it in permanent marker. Apparently that’s wrong. See, I knew that the pens were permanent markers, but in my ibuprofen-addled haze, I just didn’t really click that that meant anything in any way different to ‘whiteboard pen’. So, as it turns out, the pen doesn’t rub out. As such, the notes I’ve been making are rather… well, permanent. Woops.

This now just means that I have to be particularly definitive with the notes I make, because each note comes with a new level of permanence.

Until tomorrow, no mistakes.



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