November 7th 2017

Today I decided I needed some good, honest vegetables to help cure this cold. The problem was, that I was home alone all evening and didn’t want to cook so I just bought a ready-meal from The Co-op. It did have some vegetables in it though. It was a thai chicken curry with some green stuff in it. Some beans I think. Not baked… they were runner or green beans. I don’t really know the difference to be honest.

FullSizeRender 184.jpg

I realise that the food doesn’t look great in that picture but that’s because I kinda just slapped it into a bowl, and then realised I’d not taken a picture worth blogging about today, so I decided to write some bullshit about my dinner. And this is what that is.

Until tomorrow, I’m ill, cut me some slack.



2 thoughts on “Beans

  1. Sorry to hear that you’re dealing with a cold. Do you know about onions during colds and flu? It’s an old remedy that comes from my maternal African grandmother. Through generations, you might have heard it described as onions catching or having fever.

    You need yellow onions, and a container such as a saucer to put it in. Disposable is best if you don’t have a dish washer.

    Cut off the top of the onion. Leave the root intact and remove the peel. Place in the saucer and put the saucer close to where you are sitting. At night, place on a nightstand next to your bed. Discard the onion after 24 hours by wrapping it tightly in newspaper or plastic, and replace with a fresh onion if necessary.

    There is something about onions that draws viruses and germs to it, and it captures them so they do not re-circulate in the air, making getting rid of a cold much sooner.

    Your residence or bedroom might smell like onions, but it’s nothing air freshener can’t fix.

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