November 11th 2017

Today I decided to buy a load of new clothes. We were looking for something to do today, and I made the decision that I wanted to shopping. That’s completely uncharacteristic, as that’s never what I want to do with a Saturday morning, but on this occasion…

I need a new winter coat — because it’s getting into winter now, I guess. And Alice tried very hard to get me to go more ambitious with my choice of coat, a bit more risky. She kept saying ‘oh this would look nice on you’ to coats that are more adventurous than my normal bomber jacket style. In the end, what swayed me on one coat was the price.

All of the ones she’d been showing were like 90-odd quid, so you have to really like the coat to spend that much money on it, and you have to be really sure about it. However, she’s an expert sale-shopper, my Alice, so she managed to find a coat in Topman reduced from £90 down to £18. That sort of reduction kind of saves you the worry, as well as the money. It’s a lot easier to go riskier with a coat if you can think ‘Oh well if I decide I don’t like it it only cost £18’. That’s a shopping ethos that I can get on board with.

Elsewhere, I bought a new shirt that I know for a fact with receive abuse from my work colleagues, but I’ve decided to brave it anyway, and I bought some boots, because Alice wanted me to buy them. I’m trying to be more adventurous, and sometimes that requires a little kick up the arse.

My problem is that I’m too cheap. I just really don’t like spending money. A little part of me died every time I got my bank card out today. I did get free parking though, so that’s a little plus I guess. I didn’t even spend that much, but it still hurt.

Until tomorrow, that’ll do until the January sales.



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