November 12th 2017

Today was another day spent on the golf course. Golf is becoming quite a common theme of weekends on this blog. The main sport I used to cover on here used to be running, but I haven’t ran in over a month now. Golf is much more my speed, it seems.

The only real problem with that is that the months of the year are getting on a bit now, and it’s fucking cold out there nowadays. I had to keep my jacket on today it was that cold. And I hate keeping my jacket on when I play golf.

That being said, however, I did shoot 86 today, which is my best round in a while, so maybe there’s something in the jacket thing — golfers are inherently and irrationally a superstitious bunch.

Although, one contributing factor to the good round could’ve been the temporary greens. During winter some courses let the regular greens (the bit at the end of the hole where you put it at the flag) repair a bit by closing them down, so that they can be protected from the frost and the rain — or some shit.

As such, the groundskeepers  artificially create new, temporary greens that are 50 yards(ish) short of the normal green, and the holes are double(ish) the size of the regular cup. So it makes it easier to put, but harder to land on. I’m claiming that it’s actually harder.

In a way, it makes the round slightly less enjoyable because you don’t get the full golf experience.

Until tomorrow, but if it’ll allow me to shoot constant 86s then I’m not going to complain.



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