November 14th 2017

Today it’s now been over four weeks since I last went for a run. That’s kind of shambolic really. The last time I ran was October 17th. I don’t think that I made an active decision to stop on that day, I just kind of stopped. It’s getting cold and wet out now, so there’s one reason not to run. And if I don’t run at lunch it means I can work through and leave a bit earlier, so I get home a bit earlier. And Strava changed their UI and I hate it so every time I open the app I turn it straight off so don’t get chance to be motivated. Plus it tells me that I’ve not done a single activity in four weeks, so that’s extra demotivating.

There’s a whole list of excuses but none of them really do much to explain it. I’m not sure how to explain it. I just don’t want to anymore. I have no desire to run. I have nothing to train for (other than the 3 running-based New Year’s Resolutions that I set myself — of which I have achieved none). 

I should get back into it, and I probably will, I just don’t wanna right now. I keep saying ‘I’ll start again next week’ but then next week comes and I inevitably delay my self-assigned restart date, and then I get annoyed by the fact that I did that, and then I just don’t want to run again.

Until tomorrow, I will, I should, I can, I might.




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