November 15th 2017

Today marks halfway through NaNoWriMo. How am I doing? About as well as I was doing a week ago. I wrote 8,000 words of a new novel in the first eight days of November, and seven days later I’m still on 8,000 words. I was getting 1,000 words a day done, and I was actually quite enjoying it. And then I stopped. I just… didn’t do any more. I don’t have a reason why. Usually I’m full of excuses, but I have none now. I just haven’t done it.

The aim of NaNoWriMo is to reach 50,000 words in a month. I was okay with hitting 30,000 because 1,000 a day is a nicer, more rounded number than 1,667. So for the first week that’s what I set out to achieve, and I did it pretty successfully.

I just need a Monday. Any time I try to commit to a goal or a project, I have to start on a Monday. Monday is the equivalent of a round number. Why start something midway through the week on a Thursday, when you can round it up to Monday?

I spend a lot of my free time rounding things up to Monday.

I need to start running again, and I need to start writing again. But it’s almost Thursday, and nothing good ever started on a Thursday. Because by Thursday it’s almost Friday and then it’s the weekend and nothing gets done on the weekend. So I need a Monday to reset myself. I can start running again, and I can start writing again. Except by Monday, November will almost be over so I may as well just round it up to December, right? And that’s basically next year so I may as well just round it up to January 2018.

In a quirk of the calendar, January 1st 2018 is going to be a Monday. So that’ll be a super-productive day, I’m sure.

And as you’ll have noticed, I’ve somehow just rounded up from tomorrow to January, so that’ll give you a pretty good idea of how these personal projects usually end up going for me.

Still, to end on a positive, I am 8,000 words up on what I used to have. And that’s the most I’ve written of anything significant in a while. So I’m at least trending in the right direction.

Until tomorrow, I’m just rounding up a bit too much,



2 thoughts on “Rounding

  1. Don’t wait for Monday. Bring Monday forward to today. The Wall (as they call it) can be climbed by thinking a little sideways, even underhanded, or skewed. Don’t think in term of words, or the novel or even a schedule or aim – you can mark areas you want to research – and write up the research notes; you can write up character profiles and backgrounds and play with psych 101 – even do a short story on one of your characters and why they do ‘that’ thing at that location in the story; you can write puzzles and weirds and poetry to get the characters moving. One thing you can’t do is wait, because the story won’t wait for you. It will go elsewhere, and by the time you come back, something (if not everything) will be harder to find, hidden, or stolen by [baddies]. My advice – don’t wait. Bring Monday to you right this very second and start the Monday process now.


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