November 16th 2017

Today I finally went for a run, and did the opposite of easing myself back into it. It’s been over four weeks since I last went out, but I fancied doing a speed session at the track. Right now it feels like I’ve just done a speed session at the track after four weeks of no running. It’s a good pain though. It’s a pain that shows I’ve worked hard. And it was hard. It was 3x(1000m, 400m, 200m) – plus warm downs and the 2.5km there and back rounded it up to almost 12km in total.

I probably should’ve tried to ease myself in. But instead I just went fully in. The rest of the afternoon was difficult — climbing stairs was particularly hard. In no way was I looking forward to the run, but I was looking forward to the satisfied feeling I would get after the run. And I got that.

I said the other day that I haven’t been running because I’ve had no goals to which I can run toward. But really, I’m only interested in speed now. I don’t have any interest in half-marathons or longer. I just like doing speed sessions. So that’s what I’m going to focus on, from now. Three a week, maybe. And we’ll see what happens to my 5km time (which at the moment would probably be like a day and a half)

The track was the only thing that would get me back into running. I like that it’s timed, I like that it feels like a race even though ‘you’re not supposed to race in training’, and I like that a 200m in over in 30-odd seconds. For me, that’s a far more enjoyable type of running than long distances. So I’ll do track work and speed work and try to get a decent 5km time.

Until tomorrow, that is, until it gets to cold to even leave the building.



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