November 17th 2017

Today we went out for a spontaneous curry. I got home from work and Alice hadn’t started cooking yet, and when I checked my phone there was a text from her saying ‘what are we doing tonight?’ So one of the first things I said to her was ‘you want to go out to dinner, don’t you?’

She did. I suggested we go to the curry house down the road, but she said she didn’t fancy curry. So I listed all of the other restaurants in town, but she didn’t fancy any of those either. She opened up TripAdvisor and searched for both ‘cheap eats near me’ and ‘best restaurants near me’. She read the menus of some, looked at the photos of some, Googled the location of a few, and in the end we just went to the curry house down the road.

From the very start it was obvious to me that that was what was going to happen, but sometimes you have to just let her go through her little processes before getting on with it. She literally exhausted every other possibility before eventually going back to the first one I suggested. That happens a lot. It’s almost like she has to talk herself into it by process of elimination. “I don’t want Italian… I don’t want American… I don’t want Chinese…” and so on until every other type of cuisine is eliminated. She’ll complain when she reads this tomorrow morning, but we both know it’s true!

Either way, the curry was nice. I tried something called ‘Lamb Special Korai’, which sounds like a Liverpudlian saying ‘Lamb Special Curry’ (bad joke). It was nice. I’m on this thing recently where I try to try a new curry every time I go to a curry house, but I’m limited by the fact that I don’t really like spice so I can’t go above one menu-diagrammatic chilli’s worth of spice.

The Korai was nice. I talked Alice into having a chicken tikka balti so that I could try a bit, and that was nice too.

Until tomorrow, only like 15 more to try until I move onto spice level two.



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