November 18th 2017

Today Alice practiced a new photography technique, and I was her test dummy. As such, I had to spend much of my evening wearing fairy lights around my neck as an accessory. She’s experimenting with different lighting, flares and reflections etc, and trying to get some cool photos. I think they’re awesome.

I love watching Alice work. Especially when she’s editing photos. It’s like fucking wizardry to me, because I have absolutely zero comprehension of how she does it.

I sat behind her whilst she edited the photo, and I just watched her turn one photo into something completely different. She gets so in the zone as well, bless her, that I have to really throw something at her to get her attention. She finds things that aren’t there. She creates colours and lights from nothing. It’s all very impressive to me.


She doesn’t like me watching her work, because she feels pressurised, but I love it, because I get to see her at her most creative. It’s kind of inspiring. She’s so clever.

Between us, we’re a pretty good little creative team. She can take and edit photos, and I can write and know my way around video editing software. One day we’re going to conquer the world.

We went out for coffee this morning to this cute little place round the corner, and we sat there and discussed this pipedream we’ve always had about owning and running a coffee shop. We took in our surroundings, judged it, and then pointed out what we’d change.

Usually we clash on design, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that we agreed on an exposed brick aesthetic.

Until tomorrow, we have a lot to look forward to.




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