November 23rd 2017

Today I have been fully consumed by the Black Friday hype. I’ve bought into it, and I’ve sold out. I’ve caved in, and I’ve paid out. And I do hear your “it’s just a scam anyway, they put the prices up just before the sale” shouts, and I agree with them. And two years ago I’d’ve been shouting along with you. But on this occasion, I know I’ve shopped well.

I’ve been keeping an eye out for a PS4 for the last couple of months. There was one night when my entire friendship group decided we were all going to buy PS4s so we could play games online to make up for the fact that we never see each other anymore, so since then I’ve been looking out for deals. So, as such, I know how much the normal price was. So, as soon as the Amazon Black Friday sale started at 9pm today (on Thursday) I was straight on it. And the deals were good.

Last week it was £200 for just the console, but today it’s £200 for the console, three games and two controllers. I shifted between six or seven different tabs trying to find the best deal, but ended up going for good old Amazon.

I’m trying to prepare for the fact that when I wake up tomorrow morning, John Lewis will have the same deal for 20% less. Because that’s obviously going to happen.

In other purchasing news, I was walking to the car after work today and walked past an “AllSaints all items 50% off” sign. Actually, that’s not strictly true because it’s impossible to walk past an “AllSaints all items 50% off” sign without going into the shop.


So I went into the shop and bought two tshirts and a jumper. I DONT KNOW WHATS WRONG WITH ME. It’s an outlet centre AllSaints as well. So it’s 50% off OUTLET PRICES. So it’s £9 for a tshirt that RRPs at £45. That’s an 80% discount.

Yes I know that £45 for a tshirt is ridiculous, that’s why I only paid £9.

Do I know Black Friday is a mug’s game? Absolutely. But do I care?

Until tomorrow, absolutely not.


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