November 25th 2017

Today I walked off my hangover with a round of golf. You may have noticed by the complete incoherency of last night’s post that I was very very drunk last night. As such, a round of golf in seemingly subzero temperatures was the first and last thing I needed this morning. As it happened, the cold air freshened me up, and I felt better by the third hole.

It was bloody freezing though. I was walking around the golf course in a scarf and a fleece, with two gloves on, it was that cold. I kept taking the fleece off when I was actually taking the shot, because I don’t like to have all those layers weighing me down on the backswing. It lowers club-head speed, you know?

I kept the scarf on though, so I ended up looking like some kind of hipster-golfer-hybrid.

I’m playing again tomorrow, and I hope that it’ll be a bit warmer.

Until tomorrow, it’s not as fun when it’s cold.



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