November 26th 2017

Today my new PlayStation arrived in the post. It’s supposed to be a Christmas present, but Alice let me have it early, bless her. I did feel a bit like a kid on Christmas morning when I came home from golf and tore the box open.


The agreement was that I had to get a spare controller so that Alice could play too. So this evening I sat down with my girlfriend and a couple of ciders and had a couple of games of FIFA. And this morning I did my other favourite thing at the moment, and played a round of golf.


18 holes of golf and a new PlayStation? What a day. And I got to have breakfast with my Mum and Dad. (I’m mainly putting that last one in there for the brownie points)

Sometimes I give myself a bit of a hard time about not being productive enough with my spare time, but recently all of the extra work has been weighing me down a bit. But I’ve realised… I’m twenty four. I’m still young. I am allowed to enjoy myself a little bit. And maybe I won’t do as much with my life if I don’t work 9-5 and then go home and work 7-11 at home every night. Maybe I won’t go as far or do as much, but at least I won’t be depressed.

So for now, or more specifically for today, I’m just enjoying my life. I’ve had three days of cider and video games when I probably could’ve been writing a book or running a marathon. Ordinarily I’d be sat here feeling guilty that I’ve not done anything with my weekend. But today I’m okay with it. That might change again by next weekend, and I’ll end up frustrated and unfulfilled again, but we’ll deal with that when it happens.

Until tomorrow, I’m okay with today.


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