November 29th 2017

Today I finalised issue nine of my digital magazine. By the fact that this issue was supposed to be October’s issue and it’s December tomorrow (or at least by the time I’m writing this) you can tell that I’ve struggled to find the motivation to get this issue out. It’s been a weird time. A month ago everything was all happening at once with the magazine, we were talking to advertisers and printers and distributors all at once, and then everything went quiet and I kinda sorta forgot to organise the next issue.

Actually that’s not true. I didn’t forget. I just… didn’t.

But now it’s done, and I’m really happy with it. There are various political and technical reasons why we’ve struggled to get the ball to continue rolling with regards to the printing and distribution of the magazine, but for now it should be more important to focus on the creation. Because that’s why I started this thing. I just liked the idea of creating something every month that had a front and back cover. One day that might evolve into ‘creating something that you can hold in your hands’ every month, but that was never really the goal.

The ‘every month’ bit has slipped, but I think that’s fine. We’re not into the 12th month of 2017  just yet and we’ve so far created nine magazines this year. (backlogs here:

And they’re good. They’re “beautifully designed and well-written” (or so says some feedback I got from the distributor today) and there’s been a lot of great collaboration that has gone into it. I think everything just got a bit too real with the print stuff and I panicked for a month and kinda sorta forgot to continue.

But, we’re done now. Issue Nine is ready. And it will probably be out tomorrow at

Until tomorrow, so come back then and check.


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